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19 February 2009 @ 03:31 pm
Moving in  
Euan lay down on his couch which was in fact still in a protective plastic wrap, but he could not be bothered to remove it just now. He had his mind else where, and was thinking about the past days, when he moved on from Cianwood where he finished his last  assignment, and took the job offer for Magnolia City. He was quite excited about moving here , as he has never been to this region, which was surrounded by the sea and still had its high peaks. The passage from Cianwood to Magnolia by ferry was at time quite rough, as the weather was quite unsettled. Gulli, although he left behind some friends In Johto, thoroughly enjoyed the trip on the ferry, as he dived through the gusts of wind.(actually Euan was concerned that the ferry would not start, because of the weather but in the end it started in time.) It arrived at the port delayed, which gave Euan a bit of a haste, to reach his landlord, and get his keys .